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The official website of Joe Kowalski.

The art on this site represents the best of my ability as an artist, although I am a graphic designer by trade I am also an accomplished Painter, Sculptor, and Craftsman in wood and metal.

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My New Home

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while I've been extremely busy with get my house ready for sale and selling it to move from Lakewood CA. to beautiful Paso...

30 Aug 2012

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My 64' Caddy (last d…

All washed and looking good, took these pictures the last day I owned this beauty, me and my dad put alot of work into this car, its a shame I...

20 Apr 2012

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My Magic Book

I will always have this book with me! If you know you want at tattoo but dont know what you want maybe you'll find it in here!  and you get...

13 Oct 2011

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To All My Friends

Hello everyone I'm really exited about this new website, I really think its going to be a useful tool for me.  To those of you that know me you are...

13 Oct 2011

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Yard sale find

Cool set of matching chest of drawers I picked up the other day. They should make a nice little tattoo workstation, with a little work and some paint I should...

09 Oct 2011

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The Start of a Tatto…

It all has to start somewhere, in this case making the needles.  It's something I learned when I first started before we could just buy them already made! I guess...

29 Sep 2011

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